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  • I often kept accounts in the diary every day for some time. Although it can remind me of daily expense, because of bad statistical classifications, it is very troublesome. Therefore I had an idea of finding a website that can keep accounts every day, I often went on business, it is impossible to take a computer with us every time, so it must be online. I had searched in various engines but found no similar site, so I had an idea of establishing one. Since March 2004, I was not busy for half a year, I started.
  • site is the domain name that has no real meaning, only for good memory.
  • The site is ASP + MySQL + JavaScript.
  • Early April 2004 I completed the procedure of online keep accounts.
  • Programming is an addictive thing, and study is also funny, then I had an idea of developing a online bookmark, I have seen many websites providing such service, but I wasn’t satisfied, because they didn’t have functions of Machine computer synchronization, indeed it is a very hard job. In April 2004, the biggest problem when I did online bookmark is the inputting bookmarks from the computer. It finally completed after racking my brains, I was so happy that I celebrated with drinking.
  • The memorandum is actually a diary, but it is online, very convenient.
  • Calendar can remind you of arrangements of work and life, and it is the additional procedures of the memorandum.
  • The search, because there is no other thing to do about home page. It is impossible to show sign in prompt as soon as enter the site, but it is not bad, and can be searched together with Baidu, and Google.
  • Community is to allow users to HAPPY, imitated, I had lived in Xici for many years, so I was very familiar, and then I cloned it. Because I was not good at imitation, sorry.
  • 2004-05-10 I completed the JavaScript tree directory, imitated WINDOWS explorer.
  • 2004-05-15, most of the functions can be used, some artists did not handle well, I felt very troublesome. But it did no effect on the use, except that it wasn’t good-looking.
  • As I must do more learning (not studied ASP before), the development process is slow and there may be many BUG throughout the site. I hope you can remind me in time if you find any BUG.
  • 2004 -08-23, because of server provider, the site was forced to change from ASP+MySQL into PHP+MySQL. Because I must learn PHP from the beginning, the speed of renew is slow. 2004-08 –29, part of functions renewed. 2004-09-11 all can run, but because there are differences between ASP and PHP, Part of the procedure may not be perfect, So I hope that you can give me your views, but PHP + MySQL is very fast, with good combination. The irony is that MySQL ODBC drivers (MyODBC - 3.51 driver) were closed only because of technical reasons of the server provider; can a hacker use MyODBC - 3.51 driver to attack servers? You can imagine that their company is a conceivable airport.
  • 2004-10-08 part of the style pages and sign in user interface revised.
  • 2004-11-25 major facelift.
  • 2005-08-01 major facelift and abolished the "online bookmarks" and "site search."
  • 2005-09-24 increased in the "Print" function.
  • 2005-09-28 MOU increased by Lunar.
  • July 2006 was revised for several times at that time, only the "online accounts", "community", "Memorandum", "messages ", and other functions remained. I think there are a lot of websites, the network is well developed, I think a lot of other functional website is much better than I do, and I only use my spare time to develop the process, so it is very difficult to make it perfect. I think there is no "online accounts" provided in other site, if available, I will not do it:). Then I decided to do "online accounts" specifically. The remaining procedures can use other services, and perhaps they are better. For example: help, memorandum, messages and intercourse- and can make full use of Google Group. "Online accounts" is not the name of the professional, if called "online keep accounts" Perhaps is more appropriate, because I do not have professional accounting knowledge, but I have no difficulty keeping accounts. I hope that I can provide more convenient service; in fact it is I who need online keep accounts.
  • 2006-08-31 revisions completed, and have also changed the design ideas, originally fixed "income" and "expense" concept was overthrown by a "loan account" principle. But two columns "debit" and "credit", account model, accounting for keep accounts. Increased view functions and set up functions of checking a password, which cannot see. if not setting a password。
  • 2007-10-14, my daughter was born, the new version is also in design.
  • 2007-10-28, the new version completed and the new domain names, opened at the same time, the website new name is Online Keep Accounts. Keep Accounts is the meaning of account. And also introduced Chinese traditional and English versions. Globalization started!
  • 2007-11-04, increased the new mobile phone version, visit with your phone.


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