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Welcome to Online Keep Accounts services provided by! Before your registration, you must read and agree these use terms and the following provisions and policies, including all the amendments in the future (collectively, the "agreement"):

Although we will inform you as far as possible by your email address when the use terms of have major changes, you should still regularly visit this page to review these provisions. has every right to modify or amend these terms and policy in accordance with their own judgment; you must consent to such constraints of amendment and revision. If you do not accept or abide by this agreement, you may not use services. If there are inconsistencies between Privacy policy areas, you should be subject to Terms prevailing. Nothing in this Agreement shall be considered giving the rights or interests to any third party.

  1. Specification. Online Keep Accounts is free procedure provided by procedures (short for "services").
  2. Personal use. This service is only for your personal use. You must provide updated and accurate identity, as well as other contact information in accordance with the registration process and / or continuing to use the services as well as other contact information. You have the responsibility to conservative own passwords and account services confidential, and shoulder all responsibility if not. have every right at any time for any reason to refuse to provide service for anyone without any notice.
  3. Proper use. You agree to bear any responsibility resulting in your communications and the consequences. To use this service, you must accept and abide by this agreement. When you use the services, you must agree to abide by all applicable local, state (provincial), national / regional and international laws, rules and regulations, including all relevant from your country / region export technical data laws. You shall not engage in the following activities, nor shall consent, authorization or abetting any third party engaged in the following activities: (i) use the services available, transmission, distribution or any other means illegal, defamatory, harassing others, insulting, fraudulent, indecent, or contain viruses under the reasonable judgment will in other areas were opposed to any content (ii) uploading, transfer or other means of distribution of the other party or other proprietary intellectual property, leases or the rights or obligations of the credit; (iii) to stop other people using the service; (iv) The service will be used for any fraudulent or improper purposes. In any of the above violations, which may result in immediate termination of this Agreement, by you and may assume its legal consequences. the right (but not the obligation) to investigate your use of this service, in order to determine whether the problem exists breach of the agreement, as well as compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, procedures or government statutory requirements.
  4. Services. don't bear any responsibility on third-party content (including but not limited to any viruses or other destructive functions), and do not have any obligation to monitor the content of such third- party. always retained the rights in the service of deleting or refusing to distribute any content (such as violation of the terms of the agreement content). Besides, if thinks it is reasonably necessary in the following areas, we also have the right to access, read, preserve and disclose information,: (a) comply with all applicable laws, regulations, procedures or government statutory requirements; (b ) implementation of this agreement, including the possible existence of an investigation violations; (c) detection, or other means to prevent settlement of fraud, security or technical problems; (d) support for users to respond to requests, or (e) to protect and its users and their rights the public, property or safety. Whether exertion the rights under this Agreement, doesn't bear any obligation.
  5. Intellectual property. Intellectual property of You acknowledge that all the rights, property rights and interests, including but not limited to all intellectual property (" rights") that owns in the service, and such rights of is in the legal protection of intellectual property rights. In view of this, you agree you will not copy, reproduce or modify, or compose works derived from the creation of this service. You also agree not to use any roaming, grasping tools, other automated equipment or manual process to the Service to monitor or replicate the contents of this service. The rights of "," include the rights of the following (i) the service developed and provided by; (ii) all the software related to the service. " rights" does not include the third-party content as part of service, including the intercourse contents in the service.
  6. Statement and guarantee. You state and ensure that (a) all information you provide to when you participate in the services is correct and up-to-date, (b) you have gained all the necessary rights, powers and authority to sign this agreement and the agreement requires you to take the actions.
  7. Privacy. As the conditions for the use of this service, you agree to update the Privacy policy provisions from time to time. understand hoe important your privacy is to you. However, in order to comply with the statutory procedures or effective government requirements (such as a search warrant, subpoena, court order or Act) or in the use of these terms or Privacy policy described in other circumstances, you agree might have personal information monitoring, modification or disclosure.
  8. Accounts ceased operations. If after a certain period of time, the user account still has not performed any operation, has right to terminate this account. If the accounts were suspended due to cease their activities, and the e-mail address linked to this account may be given to another user, and may not notify you or the other. If you didn’t login the accounts for 9 months, will terminate your account. Your account in will be effective forever.
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